• Bobby Daddis

    Renowned Master of Sales & Marketing Psychology | Real Estate Tech Expert | Lead Generation, Incubation & Conversion Specialist

    Why I did it.

    After opening up Entourage Elite Real Estate with Partner, Shawn Tammaro in '14, a ton of time was dedicated to getting MindBlown℠ right. What you see is a product of two years of intense research and development. No stone was left unturned in order to guarantee our clients the absolute best product and services at a cost that is not remotely touchable by the competition. It's been a Labor of Love, and it's great to see it prove itself more valuable than any other service offered to builders to date - more money, more projects, more time, less stress, less headache.

  • I’ll tell you something…

    I am extremely proud of MindBlown℠. I’m proud of what it began as, and what it has become, and I am over-the top- excited for what it has in store for the future. As it pertains to the “Property Marketing Industry, nothing has been quite as cutting-edge, all-inclusive, and forward-thinking sales as this particular Blueprint. We were definitely ahead of our time, and we intend to keep it that way.

    With the imminent onslaught of VR ready to bombard the heads of our global population, we feel confident in our dedication to creating strategic alignments, keeping focused on offering futuristic tools now. We are ahead of the game, without question. This Blueprint is hands down a Builder’s dream, and one they never expect.

    We offer our residential and commercial builder and developer clients a no-fail system that will absolutely get your projects pre-sold, sold out quicker, and for higher price tags than any traditional “real estate agency.” We are the Greater Philadelphia’s First Premier Home Marketing Firm, and I believe the available tools and strategies offered within MindBlown℠ showcase that. We will never stop striving to be steps ahead of the rest, and, I assure you, we will continue setting the precedent. My clients’ happiness is a gauge of my success. We are in a “service” business after all. Only when my clients are MindBlown℠, do I succeed at meeting my own expectations.

  • It’s crazy how exponentially fast technology is progressing, and it feels people are scrambling left and right to figure out a way to continue to offer their services on new medians, different advertising avenues, new social social media sites… You name it. That’s why we are all inclusive. You see, MindBlown℠ was developed after years of mine and Bobby’s sweat and tears, trials and errors, hands-on experience, and mutual desire to do more and do it better.

    I’m super pumped as we are the first to offer a truly effective, all-encompassing blueprint for builders, like myself. It is designed to streamline the marketing and sales process from concept to construction, and take all the “front of the house” stress off the builders themselves. There is no stone left unturned in this proven strategy… from the planning, coordinating, creating and marketing, to the showings, negotiations and, ultimately, the successful sale of each and every property we represent. When partnering with Entourage Elite Real Estate, Real Estate Development Firms witness much larger profits, which far exceed the costs associated with hiring MindBlown. In fact, as a builder myself, I would say it’s the wisest investment one can make.

     Till the Strat Sessions…

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