Production House



Entourage Elite is a production house. They do very big things in small spaces. They totally take advantage of every bit of latest technologies. It’s ridiculously cool.

Entourage Elite Real Estate has all its own in-house photography, videography, sound and editing equipment with proven talents in each field. This allows us to capture ideas and promos on the fly and with no notice.  We can set up and break down on the fly if we want to hit the streets.  We can edit and “go live” same day with professional multimedia for any of our advertising purposes. 

Whether a explanation video on a new project, community videos, or special project updates & incentives, to a full series of videos with the designers, developers and builders of the project running indefinitely for the furthering of the brands, we can tackle big time marketing fast. When the time comes, we only have the most talented and proven Writers, Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Sound Engineers, and any other skilled position we need to fly in here in a flash to get the joint popping. We are fortunate to have direct ties to the best of the best in the industry,

High-End Explainer Videos & Commercials



The Entourage Elite Live Streaming
Time-lapse Construction Videos

Fantastic for social media, your projects website, and to updating hot leads, the time-lapse video showcases where the project stands, and shows you care about the timeliness of the build and want to show off a project you are proud of.

(Time-Lapse can be edited to fit the project’s requirements, and does not need to be showcased in real-time, all the time.)

Professional Videography & Drone Aerial Footage

Post-Construction, and in an effort to showcase the project in it’s finished state, MindBlown℠ brings in the area’s most talented in from the region to do 1080 HD Walk-Through Videography &  Aerial Cinematography from both helicopter and Drone, depending on the project. Our pilots, camera crews and editors are incredible.


Stunning Hi-Resolution Stills

High quality stills…  We mean the highest quality stills are absolutely mandatory for potential buyers to see that your home demands superior marketing, and to ensure they fall in love with the home before they ever show up to their first showing. Psychologically, a buyer who falls in love with a home from their couch while viewing online is significantly more likely to continue the love affair once they see walk through!