With the dedication of MindBlown℠ and it’s super-talented collective of artists & designers, your project is about to come to life.


BOTH… Your business has its own identity, and so do each of your individual, unique projects. Our Head Designers will consult directly with you to determine the best fit per each project, and make sure your business is always looking crisp, clean, modern and ACTIVE online.


  • Custom Logo Design
  • Website Design, Hosting, & Upkeep
  • Social Media Set Up & Automation
  • Online PPC Campaigns & SEO
  • Lead Generation & Incubation
  • Lead Management & Conversion

Company & Project Logos

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Company & Project Websites

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“The (MindBlown℠) Graphic & Web Design Team makes it appear so easy to make incredibly stunning and effective marketing! We got logos for our company and our projects, websites for both, full social media set ups on automation… It was insane! I’ve priced out some of these things individually and they were more than MindBlown’s ENTIRE ala carte branding package cost us! Thats wasn’t to hard! They GAVE it to us ALL for FREE with a commitment of 6 listings?!?! I’ll commit EVERY listing! I’m in line next!”Charles Kramer of Never2Late Homes

Builder Name Recognition and Reputation

If you are new to the game, or you need a general rebranding or branding overhaul, MindBlown is on it already. We don’t waste a second putting our expertise to work.  With your team’s input,  we will quickly determine your publicity goals, ensuring you’re comfortable with the direction we intend to take your name and brand. Our artists, designers and marketing teams will create everything necessary, including logos, websites, social media pages, both online and offline as well as anything else pertinent to the brand for both the builder AND the project. We take quick and effective strides towards getting your target market to view you as established builder and you and your project are a household name.

We will be using this branding for EVERYTHING going forward, so it’s crucial we get it right, as it is the foundation of our web design, social media, ad & PR campaigns, and lead gen strategy. This branding will subconsciously affect the way in which the audience perceives our project, so designing it to be intriguing to our target audience is imperative.



At Entourage Elite Real Estate’s MindBlown℠, we have put together a tight-knit team of designers, developers, writers, strategists and marketers led by noe of the most well renowned in the industry, to help our Builder, Investor and Developer clients to establish strong, emotionally charged stories to coincide with their business. We then use the most progressive avenues we have at our disposal to market these in a fashion that is proven to garner results in the new era.

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Marketing via Listings

For almost two decades, the Principal and Chief Marketing Technologist of Entourage Elite Real Estate, Bobby Daddis, has been studying under the best of the best online marketing gurus on the planet. Understanding the sheer significance of quality sales copy and harnessing his innate ability to analyze his target audience using the psychology of sales to get the desired outcome for his clients. His years of dedicated tutelage and passion for the craft has had a heavy influence on the creation of MindBlown℠. Sales copy is part of every aspect of online and print ads, not to mention the daily way in which we communicate to each of your potential buyers, catering to their own unique personalities and anticipating their desires.

Social Media

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed??? Go ahead and rest your mouse over the slider images above.  That’s better. MindBlown allows you to rest your mind at ease. Welcome to the 21st Century, where social media rules the world. Well, the good news for you? MindBlown rules every Social Media outlet, and there are more than you think. Your project needs to be showcased via a high-quality profile and maintained daily on each and every one of them, engaging potential customers and the community. Each project demands a different level of saturation of each different social media avenue out there. We determine the best social media outlets to focus your project on based on demographic, organic “share” potential, and the desired quantity and quality of exposure. Without a complete social media marketing strategy for your project, your head will be guaranteed to be spinning. We are experts in determining the correct strategy to fit any project..


Strategic Target Marketing

You’ve obviously heard the old adage “location, location, location.” Well, here at Entourage Elite we believe in one more. Exposure, exposure, exposure. It’s a fairly simple concept really. The more exposure, the more leads. The more leads, the more potential buyers. The more buyers, the more sales. It sounds easy enough, right? Well, in order to get that mass exposure, our Marketing Specialists institute a diverse, targeted, and multi-angled marketing campaign that ensures we get the right buyers in the quickest time in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Our firm employs not just incredibly talented and personable experts in all areas of new construction sales, but truly the cream-of-the-crop marketing gurus creating effective and engaging ad campaigns that convert. Advertising smart via targeting, adapting to ever changing landscapes, and testing dozens of diverse marketing avenues helps to ensure a successful lead generation campaign. In 2014, The National Association of REALTORS® announced that 90% of all home buyers locate the home they end up purchasing online first, so we focus heavily on, not only grabbing those buyers off the web, but grabbing them before anybody else does. Once the leads begin to pour in, our top-notch sales experts are waiting in the wings to convert them quickly to sales.
Although we place a heavy emphasis on online advertising, we make sure not to neglect the relevant local print publications. Ads in local magazines and newspapers can still be highly effective when and where we see fit. In addition, sending informative and memorable mailers with a “call to action” to targeted postal markets announces the impending project, builds suspense and intrigue, and triggers the recipient to share the info via word of mouth, as well as instigating them to get online to find out more information..

Entourage Elite’s Digital Sales Gallery & Mobile Media Lounge


The concept behind the design of the state of the art Entourage Elite Real Estate Office was to create a space, much like a digital art gallery, to showcase new construction prior to the build and, in essence, turning the Entourage Elite Office into an off-site sales center. The extremely comfortable and relaxing environment includes a lounge with couches, high top seating, full house sound system and a stocked bar. Most importantly, 14 different sized (24”-60”) HD LED Flat Screens are spread throughout like paintings on the walls. Each screen can take a different still or video feed, meaning you can showcase all your renderings, floor plans, options, videos, slideshows, logos, etc. in any order you want on any screen you want. Potential buyers are able to sip champagne or have a cold beer as one of our expert agents gives them the ultimate in digital home tours. This is by far the closest you can get to having a “showing” at a finished home, and all this is possible before the builder ever hammers a nail.

Mobile: Bottom line… buyers have busy lifestyles these days. So, in an effort to constantly put our buyers first, we now bring the showings to them. that’s right! No longer will the buyer have to come out to your unfinished build or even your finished model for that matter, when we can just as easily send one of our highly talented sales reps to meet them at their location and on their time schedule. Our sales offices are mobile. Whether viewing a virtual tour with an agent through Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR Goggles at their home, a Starbucks, or the kids soccer game, there is no doubt our agents are prepared to sell or lease your commercial or residential space from anywhere, at anytime, during any point of construction.